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Social Forum for the Elder

Looking for finance solutions to support your life standard after retirement? Want to have enough money so that you can fulfill all your needs and wishes?  As average age of humans has increased, a significant amount of our lives now comprise of a period when we are retired. In such a scenario, leading a life at a certain standard requires new ideas and finance solutions so that people can live their lives without lowering their standard of living. Social forum for the elder is an organization that provides support, guidance and ideas for people who have retired to help their financial situation. Equity release is one of the options about which we guide elders and also inform about its benefits and downsides.

In case you are also looking for guidance and ideas to reduce your financial problems post retirement, we are here to support you and provide ideas relevant to your situation. Just dial our contact number and we can provide you the required support! 

Social Forum for the Elder is a aocial centre in Liverpool that gives guidance, support and ideas for elder people to help them live their lives in plenitude. As people live longer and retire for longer, we help bringing ideas to finance solutions and options to fulfil their wishes and needs. We make them see how they can finance through releasing equity from your home while keeping your inheritance safe.

Our Prominent Features

Our organization has a number of salient features which make us the best choice for retired elders who want ideas and help to end their financial problems. 


We are here to provide you advice and assistance in making financial decisions relevant and possible in your particular situation. We would never suggest a financial solution without highlighting all its positives and negatives. We will also help you in choosing the right equity release deal for you!



We know that we have to deal with elder people and have to be considerate with them. We value the information provided by the elders who come to us for support and we are very patient and polite while doing so!

Expert Advice

We know that the problems faced by elder people who have retired require expert advice. They need financing solutions so that they can continue living their lives with ease. For this purpose we have the best financial experts with us to guide retired people to make the right decisions!


Extensive Support

Not only do we provide financial advice and solution to elder people to help them earn a constant stream of money through equity release, we also guide them through the whole process. We provide complete assistance to elder people throughout the whole procedure and advice them at each step! 

Important Features of an Equity Release Plan

As people age and retire, they need some source of constant income to supplement their pension funds. Equity release is one of the methods which can be used by homeowners to make sure that they have a constant income source. Following are the important features of an equity release plan. 

Equity release can be obtained from two sources. One is home reversion while the other is home mortgage plan. 

In home mortgage plan, you get a loan on your home and monthly payments which is paid off by selling your home once you die. 

In home reversion, ownership of a part of your home goes to the equity release company while the rest of the ownership remains with your. You get equity release of the portion of the home you have surrendered to the equity release company. Your children will surely get inheritance from the portion of the house you own. 

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Here is what some of our satisfied users have to say about our online forum.

Donald L. Anderson

Social Forum for the Elder provideS me with access to a number of social networks and online discussions that are really engaging and allow me to get through each day. Being an elderly with very few family and friends can be difficult but with this forum, I no longer feel alone.  
Ruben E. Snyder

This forum has provided me with the opportunity to come together with others just like me who share the share interests to share our experiences and our opinions. Thank you for providing us with this platform where we can truly be ourselves!
Mitchell T. Shelton

Using this forum is easy and simple! There are a lot of great information here and I am so happy I signed up! A lot of great articles and other resources on life in retirement!